Kartesia’s Corporate Sustainability Approach 

Kartesia’s Sustainability Policy looks at how we take account of our economic, social and environmental impact in the way we operate as a business. We published the first version in 2014 to standardise sustainability-related decision-making and management at Kartesia.

Over the past year, we have strengthened the climate aspect of our policy as we aim to integrate climate change at every level of analysis and investment decision-making as well as in the execution of our role as an active and responsible investor.

Responsible Investing at Kartesia

As a leading European provider of capital solutions, Kartesia invests across the full spectrum of the European primary and secondary leverage loan market (senior debt, mezzanine, high yield, and CLO liabilities). Our focus is on the small and mid-cap segment of the market, with six credit funds and one impact fund under management.

As of December 31st, 2022, we have invested €3.9bn in 65 primary loan deals (2 from our KIF I fund dedicated to impact strategy), 10 secondary loan deals, and 61 CLO vehicles (42 from our KSC I fund dedicated to CLOs).

Kartesia’s response to regulation

The EU Taxonomy of sustainable economic activities is an asset classification system that creates a common language to foster sustainability in decision making. By providing a market signal to align all financial players on common standards and objectives, this homogenized reference will help fight against greenwashing, provide qualitative transparent information on economic activities, and reduce European market fragmentation.

Kartesia Impact Strategy 

The Kartesia impact strategy combines Kartesia expertise in credit solutions with the impact know-how of our partner CANDRIAM. The strategy looks beyond ESG risks and actively pursues investment opportunities with the intention of contributing to UN SDGs, with the objective of financigng a more circular economy, and improving the quality of air and water.

A “better society” refers to Kartesia’s endeavour to “provide or enable access to opportunities for all” through development of skills and employability, promoting and enabling safe and healthy lifestyles, and through encouraging and achieving diversity and inclusion.

A “healthier planet“ means leading the way to a low-carbon economy, contribution to a better society, on a healthier planet.

Case Studies

In accordance with its corporate responsibility objectives, Kartesia has implemented an active engagement policy, aimed at improving the ESG performance of invested companies.

Kartesia strongly believes in its power to ignite change and accompany invested companies in their contribution to a better society, on a healthier planet.